Another object!

And yes, another decorative object, a practical or just aesthetic accessory that I hope will find a place in your home.

Shojo, Shonen, Seinen,... Manga bookends are invading Shohan-design.

9 Months ago

Over the past fifteen years, the popularity of manga has exploded around the world. This kind of Japanese comic book also has an impact on fashion and even in decoration. Figurines, posters and other merchandise can be found in many teenagers' bedrooms.

So why not bookends to prop up series and decorate a bookcase? Shohan-design had to offer them.

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Breweries, wine merchants and beer bars, why not offer original bottle openers to your customers?

byYvon Luneau 2 Years ago

Drinking beer is no longer a fad. Like wine, beer has acquired a title of nobility. We taste it. So, you might as well open it with a bottle opener that has style.
That's good, Shohan-design offers you its cuvée of bottle openers: perfect goodies to offer to your customers.

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Z-EGGS PROJECT : On ne fait pas de crêpes sans casser des œufs

3 Years ago

The creative process sometimes has little to do with it. It can just be the result of a silly idea or a combination of words. This is the case for Z-Eggs luminaires.

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