3 types of bookends for 3 different uses.

- The Shadow bookend for a minimalist decoration on a shelf.

- The bookend 2 ply for a very visible decoration that cannot fail to notice among your novels.

- The Large bookends “big size” to wedge the comics, fine books and vinyl records.

Shohan-design mainly offers useful objects; the bookend is particularly useful in a bookcase or on a shelf: it holds novels, comics, fine books and vinyls effectively and can be very decorative.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth, it appears in the bourgeois interiors. It was very popular among the ornaments, statuettes and curiosities. It is not rare to find many bookends in marble or bronze in antique shops or in flea markets. Some are very pretentious and kitsch, others have a vintage charm that will be noticed on a buffet or shelf.

With a bit of nostalgia, the designer of the brand wanted to perpetuate the use of this accessory while adding his touch. He chose to make an object that is narrative in addition to being practical and aesthetic. Among your books, they become characters or animals that come also tell stories. This is a illustrated decoration, while remaining simple and uncluttered.

Some bookends are also available in pairs: this may be more practical and cheaper than individually.

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