23 et 24 mars, Ateliers portes ouvertes à Malakoff

2 Months ago

Shohan-design, artists and creators welcome you.

In Malakoff, we don't have monuments but workshops!

Painters, sculptors, ceramists, glass makers, seamstresses and designers

So, on March 23 and 24, come and visit the workshops of Malakoff's creators. 42 are open to the public. There is a great diversity of professions, styles and personalities...

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Shohan at Pooow in Italy2, Gaîté, Beaugrenelle, etc.

byYvon Luneau 6 Months ago

In Paris, Shohan-design has been exhibiting some of its decorative objects at PoooW for a few years now. I told you about it when they had a designer shop in the Montparnasse train station.

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Shojo, Shonen, Seinen,... Manga bookends are invading Shohan-design.

7 Months ago

Over the past fifteen years, the popularity of manga has exploded around the world. This kind of Japanese comic book also has an impact on fashion and even in decoration. Figurines, posters and other merchandise can be found in many teenagers' bedrooms.

So why not bookends to prop up series and decorate a bookcase? Shohan-design had to offer them.

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A favorite: the collages of Parisian artist Malo de Paname.

8 Months ago

Everyone tells me: Talk more about yourself, your creations, your brand, your news... Show yourself, put yourself forward, go more on social networks, etc. Ok, but hey, I'm going to tell you about an artist whose work I appreciate: Malo de Paname.

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First comic book meeting in Malakoff on September 30

8 Months ago

Cartoonists, authors, publishers, booksellers, designers, cosplayers and Tintin as guest of honor!

This Saturday, September 30, 2023, between Place du 11 Novembre, La Tréso and the Malakoff media library, come and spend a day dedicated to comic strips. There will be books, conferences and a concert at the end of the day. Discover the program here.

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Maison&Objet sept 2023 - BPLAN invites Shohan-design to its stand.

10 Months ago

The M&O trade fair is a major event for the decoration of design and architecture. BPLAN does me the honor of inviting me to exhibit some Shohan-design products on their stand. I will also be present throughout the event.

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Mobilier, présentoirs, serre-livres, etc. des créations sur mesure pour les médiathèques.

1 Year ago

Shohan-design also at the service of these public places.

A media library, such as an individual or a company, may need "personalized" accessories or furniture to furnish its interior.

Collections, audiences, building and operation: each media library has its specificities. It is therefore sometimes difficult to find the desired objects in terms of use, aesthetics, and budget.

A designer or small business may be better able to meet these expectations. With creations on demand or its already existing products, Shohan-design can and has already done it.

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Finally an offer at professional prices for resellers.

1 Year ago

Decoration stores, booksellers, record stores, museum shops, breweries, etc. discover an original offer of products at competitive prices for your customers.

Shohan-design has been creating laser-cut steel decorative objects in France since 2013. Creations that are characterized by a figurative, expressive, and contemporary style.

Bplan is a precision metalwork that has existed for 40 years in Portugal. With significant technological investments, the company specializes in layout, architecture, furniture, and decoration.

To offer you a relevant offer, we have logically decided to combine our skills.

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Breweries, wine merchants and beer bars, why not offer original bottle openers to your customers?

byYvon Luneau 1 Year ago

Drinking beer is no longer a fad. Like wine, beer has acquired a title of nobility. We taste it. So, you might as well open it with a bottle opener that has style.
That's good, Shohan-design offers you its cuvée of bottle openers: perfect goodies to offer to your customers.

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Bplan and Shohan-design sign a partnership

byYvon Luneau 2 Years ago

I am pleased to announce the signing of a partnership for my products with Bplan, the architecture, design and decoration branch of the Portuguese metallurgy company AF Azevedos.


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Z-EGGS PROJECT : On ne fait pas de crêpes sans casser des œufs

3 Years ago

The creative process sometimes has little to do with it. It can just be the result of a silly idea or a combination of words. This is the case for Z-Eggs luminaires.

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Petit Nature: the magnified naturalistic drawing

3 Years ago

I present you a talented artist: Delphine Huard known as Petite Nature. A cartoonist and an engraver whose talent I admire. With pen drawing or etching, Petite Nature explores a half-realistic, half-dreamlike nature. It's just beautiful, lively and elegant.

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Shohan-design partner of PoooW!

3 Years ago

Shohan-design decorative objects exclusively at PoooW.

So, if you want to see and buy Shohan-design objects "in real life", I invite you to go to PoooW shops in Paris.

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Jazz in the decoration.

byYvon Luneau 3 Years ago

With the return of vinyl records, I wanted to create large bookends with the theme of music. I thought I'd do classical, but it was jazz that inspired me.

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