Pairs of bookends

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Less expensive by two, easier to choose: opt for the pair of bookends.

A bookend is a good gift idea to decorate the library of an avid reader. However, it is complicated to know, between a right and a left model, which would be more useful or necessary. If a wall is on one side of the shelves, one may suffice. But do you remember which side the wall is on? And if this reader has a lot of novels, wouldn't several be better? And wouldn't only one be "drowned" in the middle of all the comics of the teenager to whom you wish to offer it? Buying a pair can solve the dilemma.

On this observation, Shohan-design has decided to also offer you its bookends in pairs. Among the 1-ply, 2-ply and 2-ply large format models, its designer has decided to combine certain models sold alone. These were getting married and together tell a story. He also drew some sold only in pairs like "Les chats" and "Gendarme et voleur".

Now, maybe there are too many choices?

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