Figurine Sherlock Holmes

A Sherlock Holmes figurine in a vintage style like Tintin as a decoration on a sideboard, a shelf or in your library.

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Sherlock Holmes, an icon of detective fiction.

In literature, there is no detective more famous than Sherlock Holmes. The hero imagined by Sir Conan Doyle and his adventures are at the origins of the detective novel.

First a bookend, then a life-size sculpture and then a 35cm figurine.

This character had to be offered as bookends at Shohan-design.

Rather than drawing him over and over again with his magnifying glass, Yvon LUNEAU, the brand's designer, preferred to treat the character differently. Inspired by fashion illustrations from the 20s and 30s, he gave it a sportier look with a little Tintin touch. The magnifying glass has been replaced by a cane.

This silhouette, first in bookends, immediately appealed. A detective agency even commissioned one, in life-size sculpture, to decorate its offices. And since we don't all have the space to have it in this size, Shohan-design offers it in 35cm high.

With its vintage and contemporary style, this silhouette adapts to many decorations. In a living room, a bedroom or on a console table in a hallway, it will be an original and elegant presence.

Like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes has left its mark on the minds of readers and has a large fan base. And if you have one in your life, here's a gift idea to give them.

This decorative object is made of finely laser-cut steel and painted black. Made in Portugal by BPLAN, it is produced in small batches according to orders in order to avoid any waste.

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Data sheet

Made in Portugal by Bplan Afazevedos
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
0,5kg max.
none other than the decoration of your home.
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