La Fontaine's Fables 1

These two fables of La Fontaine make a pair of nice bookends for the decoration of your shelves.

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Practical items and a colorful touch of fantasy in your library.

The Raven and the Fox and The Frog Who Wants to Be as Big as the Ox, Shohan-design offers you his interpretation, cartoon version, of each of these fables.

In addition to increasing the decorative appearance, choosing a pair can be more convenient and is cheaper than per unit. You will be able to store the storybooks in the children's room or both ends of a bookshelf in your library. It is an original gift idea for a girl, a boy or an adult.

Like Jean De La Fontaine, the designer of these decorative metal accessories is French. They are laser cut, folded and painted by small European companies in small series with a concern for sustainable development.

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Made in EEC
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
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