Petit Nature: the magnified naturalistic drawing

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With this article, I will stop talking about Shohan-design to introduce you to a talented artist: Delphine Huard known as Petite Nature. A cartoonist and an engraver whose talent I admire.
Some of you may know her because she exhibited at Malakoff's PoooW designer shop in 2018.
Excuse me in advance for the style of the article: it may be pompous and lyrical. It is difficult for me to talk about these works as they are beautiful, poetic and baroque.

With pen drawing or etching, Petite Nature explores a half-realistic, half-dreamlike nature. It's just beautiful, lively, and elegant.

Herbs, thistles, brambles, and flowers that intertwine in a harmonious anarchy. Underneath, inside, it swarms, lives, and pulsates. Everywhere insects, which hide, climb and fly away. And sometimes a snake or a lizard is there. With a pen or stylus, Delphine draws her little natures.

Une gravure de Petite Nature

For centuries, naturalists have traveled the world. They collected fossils, made seagrass beds, observed the stars, and pinned butterflies. To share their observations, they had only writing and drawing. Describing in writing the corniculated lotier, a forficle or a tarantula is not always easy, so they drew. They drew precisely, meticulously to be the most resembling.

Although part of the tradition of naturalistic drawing, Delphine is not concerned with transmitting knowledge. Indeed today, there is photography, video and enough zoologists, botanists and entomologists specializing in forfalse. She is free; free to reinterpret insects and plants. It plays with sizes, exacerbates some details and erases others. All in elegance, it does this without falling into implausibility. Delphine has the art of drawing with a precise line the abundance of life.

Petite Nature on display at the Openbach gallery in Paris 13 from 21 to 25 October.

Parisians, with 3 other engravers, Delphine exhibits in Paris at theOpenbach gallery and I strongly invite you to go see these works. Otherwise, she's on Instagram: @petite_nature_paris.

For those who are not social networks, send me a message, I will put you in touch.

See you soon for a next discovery.

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