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PoooW: A concept store at the service of designers and young brands.

Being a creator, launching your brand is an obstacle course. Discovering our creations in a single piece or small series is very difficult. Those of you who are looking for original objects that are off the beaten track know this.
Since 2016, a concept store has been able to do so: With a sharp selection of designers and more than 10 boutiques in the Paris region, PoooW is the largest physical showcase dedicated to French creation.

Jewelry, ready-to-wear, fashion accessories and decorative objects.

In a cozy and offbeat universe, come and stroll and "hunt" for a favorite or a gift idea. Discover a selection of original and contemporary jewelry, clothing, bags and decorative objects. For your little niece, crack with a fancy bar of Dodo the Gaffer at 4 €. To decorate your living room, let yourself be tempted by one of the splendid terrariums of Niwa at more than 150 €. There is something for every budget and every taste.

In addition, in turn, the creators are present on site. You will be able to meet the person who is behind some of the objects. Take the opportunity to chat with them!

Découvrez les boutiques créateurs PoooW

Shohan-design exclusively in PoooW stores.

A few years ago now (COVID didn't exist!), a guy called me and said "come and exhibit in my shop on rue de la Condamine in Paris!". I went there, it was not a success. But this guy, Cedric, told me "you have beautiful objects, keep going! And you'll see, I'm going to create a network of designer shops. It's going to work! ». Optimistic too, I said ok. In 2016, he founded PoooW and since then Shohan-design has been there. The concept is a real chance for a designer because it is impossible to have a space in such well-placed shops. And as we get along well, we have decided to strengthen our collaboration: Shohan-design is on sale exclusively at PoooW.

So, if you want to see and buy Shohan-design objects "in real life", I invite you to go to PoooW shops. You can find them here.

And for those who do not have the misfortune to live in the Paris region, browse the Shohan-design website!

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