Film noir

Lovers of black novels, here is a pair of bookends that will add a "hard boiled" touch to your bookcase decoration.

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The film noir is an aesthetic, dark urban atmospheres and characters that have become stereotypes, notably the femme fatale and the detective. Born from so-called hard-boiled detective literature, the film noir universe has inspired a number of artists, directors, graphic designers and cartoonists.

From the start, the noir novel inspired the designer of Shohan-design. He first created the gun bookends, then several, including Cigarette and Roman noir. Homage to Simenon, an early version of this pair of bookends already existed, but its stiffer detective was unsatisfactory. It is in memory of the character of Jeff Costello played by Alain Delon in The Samurai, that the detective has been redesigned. It has become more elegant and fatal.

In a bookcase, these two decorative accessories will bring a very graphic and expressive touch to your decoration. They will make a perfect pair of wedges to keep your novels from sliding off your shelves.

And you surely have close fans of thriller? If you want to offer something original, here is a good gift idea.

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Data sheet

Made in EEC
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
15 / 17 / 5cm
0,5kg max.
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