The crow and the fox

Monsieur de La Fontaine has come, with fantasy, to decorate your library with his fables.

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When a masterpiece of classical literature inspires contemporary decoration.

Little, tales are the first stories we were told, the first books that we were shown. Andersen, La Fontaine and many others are all authors who have marked our childhood. And many French children had to recite the fable of the Raven and the Fox:

Master Raven, on a perched tree,
Held a cheese in its beak.
Master Fox, by the alluring smell,
He pretty much spoke this language...

It was logical that this literary genre and especially the Fables of La Fontaine inspired the creation of decorative bookends.
Like the bookend Au loup, an interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, the Designer of Shohan-design chose to draw The Raven and the Fox with burlesque style inspired by the cartoons of Tex Avery.

This accessory is practical: a large size allows to perfectly fit illustrated books of all formats. Its fun and colorful style makes it an ideal object for decorating a child's, girl's or boy's bedroom shelf.  It can also bring a touch of originality to an adult library.
Made of steel 1.5mm thick, it is solid. Its cut is rounded to avoid all risks. Made in CEE, its paint is certified without heavy metals and complies with European environmental legislation.

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Data sheet

Fabriqué en France par SC2M à Méry sur Oise (95).
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
25 / 30 / 15cm max.
1kg max.
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