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With the return of vinyl records, I wanted to create large bookends with the theme of music. I thought I would do in the classical by drawing a violinist, a cellist or a conductor. But creation and inspiration sometimes follow tortuous paths. Images and readings remind you of memories and encourage you to draw characters, a story, an atmosphere...

I don't listen to jazz like I don't read crime novels; but I came across a picture of Billie Holiday and memories came back: White Jazz by James Ellroy, Who Wants roger Rabbit's Skin, Black Sad and evenings at the Jazz Cellar in Alba-La-Romaine... So, I looked for images and the world of jazz caught me.

Jazz: a unique atmosphere and aesthetic.

Take the time to look at pictures of jazz clubs from the 30s to the 60s. Whether it's famous places like the Village Vanguard and the Cotton Club or small bars, there is a unique aesthetic: The atmosphere, the smoke, the silhouettes in the dark, the neon lights, the attitudes... We imagine an interloping fauna of night owls: musicians, gangsters, "light" or handy women, alcoholics or drug addicts and simple amateurs. All there to forget the day that comes.

I saw many images of concerts and musicians: singers like Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, pianists like Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk, saxophonists like John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon and on trumpet: Chet Baker, Clora Bryant and Miles Davis... And I started drawing and mixing images to create my musicians. Here they are:

4 grands serre-livres pour caler les disques vinyles

A jazz band to stall your vinyl records

4 large bookends with which I wanted to translate this atmosphere of jazz club. It's in a small dancing bar, on a small stage. The singer is on the front. She is accompanied by the trumpeter and the pianist while the sax smokes his cigarette. Are you there?

There is still a lack of a double bassist and a guitarist. But it will come!

Lovers of music and vinyl, it is 4 decorative accessories are made for you. They will bring a jazzy touch to your shelves. Currently, they are only in black. But they will also soon be offered in white. It does not make too concert in the darkness a priori, but you will see that they have even more presence in your bookcase.

Dancing to nite

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