Blown glass chandelier Z-Eggs

Z-Eggs luxury version: an elegant blown glass chandelier made to order up to 40cm in diameter.

Indicative price: €490 and €750 depending on size.

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In 2019, the decorator of Blé Noir asked Yvon Luneau, the designer Shohan-design. She wanted a dozen original suspensions for their new creperie in Paris. The creative process was done logically: Crêpes > crêpe batter > eggs>. And so was born Z-eggs.

Z-Eggs project: spilled boiled eggs as a suspension

Initially, the eggs with a diameter of 14cm were made of blown glass. Lyon glassblower Vincent Breed made them. He is experienced and used to working with designers such as Studio A, Hubert Le Gall and Matali Crasset.
On this occasion, Yvon Luneau had the idea of ordering a larger model from him. It's beautiful! As a result, the small models are now made of ostrich egg and only the large ones are made of glass.

A remarkable contemporary chandelier, elegant while being "fun".

The Z-Eggs chandelier is a fixture that will not go unnoticed. It combines the precious aspect of glass and the fantasy inherent in the project. In a smart and classic interior, with a molded ceiling, it will bring a touch of discreet humour. In a more contemporary decoration, it will add a pop touch.

With 28cm globe bulb, 25-40cm diameter shell.

If you have a large room with a good ceiling height and a certain sense of humor, this luminaire is for you. Shohan-design can make a king size Z-Eggs chandelier to order. We will choose together the ideal size according to the volume of the room, as well as the color of the wiring and the equipment. Our only limit is the maximum size of globe bulbs (28cm). As an indication, it is necessary to count between 490€ and 950€ per chandelier depending on the size and the equipment.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Verre soufflé : Vincent Breed / Equipement électrique : Créative Câble (Italie)
Blown glass
25 to 60 cm approximately, on order
According to chosen diameter. Consult us.
Lighting system
According to chosen diameter. Consult us.
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