Bottle opener Décapsulator

The aliens are among us! There, even in your keychain pocket to open your beer.

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Here is the vintage bottle opener to offer to a movie buff friend, beer and Science fiction lovers.

Here's a tip for a casual couch party with friends or even family: order pizza, take beers out of the fridge (not for kids!) and watch Tim Burton's Mars Attack.

Thus, was born Decapsulator! Well, almost.

Vintage SiFi has been one of the pillars of pop culture. In comics or in the cinema, little green men, Martians and flying saucers have marked several generations of children from the 30s to the 70s. They influenced Tim Burton who directed Mars Attack. This influenced the designer of Shohan-design.

With the pair of large SF bookends, the Yvon had already addressed this theme. It recurs with this bottle opener.

Without a laser sword or gun, this Martian object is laser cut from 2 mm stainless steel sheet. It is then brushed handcrafted for a more raw finish less fragile.

Small, solid and practical, it is an object to always have with its keychain.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Cut by Bplan Afazevedos in Portugal, brushed in our workshop
brushed stainless steel 2 mm
Length, width, height
55, 45, 2mm
Precautions for use
Avoid shaking the can before opening it.
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