Pocket bottle opener Maneki neko

Here is a nice little lucky cat that will also make keychain and bottle opener.

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Have luck, good fortune and a small bottle opener always in your pocket.

On the desk of Yvon, Shohan's designer, for several years there has been a small maneki-neko. He is cute with his little round belly. A small belly and a silhouette that lent themselves perfectly to the design of a pocket bottle opener. Immediately thought, immediately done!

Maneki-neko is a  small 3 in 1 gift that will please both a woman and a man. It's:

  • A solid bottle opener that, although small, works efficiently.
  • A nice keychain that, although made of metal, is light in your pocket.
  • A talisman that, Shohan-design hopes but does not guarantee, will bring you luck and happiness.

Like all decorative objects in the Wild stainless steel collection, this utensil is not made of polished stainless steel.

It is hand-brushed to obtain a set of rougher metal shades that, in addition to being aesthetic, has the advantage of "camouflaging" fingerprints and small scratches that you might make.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Cut by Bplan Afazevedos in Portugal, brushed in our workshop
brushed stainless steel 2 mm
Length, width, height
55, 45, 2mm
Precautions for use
Avoid shaking the can before opening it.
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