French Pirate trivet

For a contemporary and stylish decoration, hoist the black flag of a French piraterie in the center of your table.

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Corsairs and pirates, also characters of the history and culture of France.

Pirates, the boarding of galleons laden with gold, barrels of rum and treasure maps have left their mark on history and especially on the imagination. These freedom-loving, adventurous, and combat-loving sailors have inspired many movies and books. They can be found in the cinema with Pirates of the Caribbean, in comics notably in The Treasure of Red Rackham with Tintin and even in manga with One Piece.

As in One Piece, a different black flag for each pirate. Here is the one from Shohan-design!

The designer of Shohan-design is still sometimes a big kid. It was after seeing the first One Piece animations that he wanted to draw his black flag: that of a modern-day French pirate. A pirate who is more sensitive to good food and style than to combat and fortune.

With humor, it is therefore a pirate who will find a perfect place at your table. He won't approach any guests and won't even say an expletive. With its heat-resistant silicone pedestals, heroism will be limited to protecting the tablecloth from hot dishes.

Designed by a Frenchman, this original kitchen utensil is made of hand-brushed stainless steel. Still, it has traveled a bit because it was laser cut in Portugal by BPLAN, the manufacturing partner of Shohan-design.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Fabriqué en France par SC2M à Méry sur Oise (95).
2mm brushed stainless steel, mounted on silicone pads.
Length, width, height
24.5 / 24.5 / 1cm
1kg max.
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As a decoration for your table, this stainless steel trivet clearly tells your guests what they are going to eat!