lamp Vanity

In an office or a bedroom, a vanity to light up your meditations.

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  • White
  • brushed stainless steel
Cable color
  • Black
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A Vanity is an astonishing decorative object: a human skull! A trinket to remind you of the passage of time and the death that lies in wait for us… That makes for joy and lightness!

"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity"

Inspired by an Old Testament sentence, this skull motif appeared in the Middle Ages. But vanities were especially fashionable during the Renaissance among the humanists. Back in the day, it was fashionable to have a human skull on your desk. In the 18th century, vanities disappeared from cabinets of curiosities. In the 20th century, Cézanne brought them back to contemporary art. Since the human skull is taken a bit in all sauces. One can still wonder if hard-rock fans meditate a lot on the emptiness of human passions and activities.

For Shohan-design, Yvon Luneau interpreted this motif in his own way: with some romanticism. A floral motif brightens up the object. This makes it an original light for a contemporary decoration with a Gothic touch. On a sofa or bedside, this lamp will provide you with cozy mood lighting conducive to meditation.

This removable lamp is delivered with a cable and a low consumption LED bulb. The electrical equipment offered complies with European safety standards.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Fabriqué en France par SC2M à Méry sur Oise (95).
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Length, width, height
27 / 9 / 25 cm
1,5 to 2kg depending on model
Ampoule LED filament comprise
Lighting system
Cable length
1.5 m
Precautions for use
Use LED or low consumption bulbs. Filament or halogen bulbs heat up and can cause burns.
Ambient lighting.
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