An ogre and a demon hunter armed with a katana face each other to stall your comics and manga!

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Ogres and psychopathic demons, gods and yokai, foxes and tanuki, tsundere high school girls and exorcists, etc. these are all characters that we find in manga. At least in a certain style of manga, because there are a good number of genres. Japanese culture, like mythology, is most creative.

An incongruous couple for a detonating decoration.

Without being an otaku, the Shohan designer is a great lover of manga books. He appreciates its diversity, the imagination deployed, and the freedoms taken. The typical chara-design of the manga interests him particularly to, of course, draw silhouettes. Among his sources of inspiration are Blood-C from Clamp studio, Bakemonogatari, the excellent short film Kakurenbo or the series Jigokuraku. This should speak to connoisseurs.

But, hey, there is no need to be a specialist to appreciate these decorative objects. They will also appeal to comic book readers in general because in addition to being aesthetic, they will effectively stall their albums.

These large bookends are exclusive to Shohan-design. They are designed in France, laser-cut and painted in Portugal.

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Data sheet

Fabriqué en France par SC2M à Méry sur Oise (95).
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
25 / 30 / 15cm max. for one
1,5 to 2kg depending on model
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Manga heroine demon hunter or Cat-woman, with this bookend in decoration on the shelves, everyone will imagine his story!