Pair of large bookends Film Noir

For a decorative atmosphere style cinema, a femme fatale and a private detective to stall your comics.

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Private detective or killer, femme fatale victim or criminal.

The Maltese Falcon, Laura, The Night of the Hunter, The Lady of Shanghai, etc. are all emblematic films of a major genre of American cinema of the 40s and 50s: Film Noir. For film historian Patrick Brion, Film Noir is characterized by "a tragic morality that most often crushes its characters under the insurmountable fate of a dramatic end".

Through its subject matter, aesthetics and atmospheres, Film Noir has inspired many thrillers, novels and comics.

A style, quite Pop Art, both expressive and decorative.

In Film Noir, characters, shots, shadows, lights, posters, etc. are decorative materials. With his work of cutting and silhouettes, Yvon Luneau, the designer of the brand, is sensitive to it.

With Cigarette, created in 2014, he already had the character of femme fatale. He needed a male partner to make the pair of bookends that tell you a story of crime, seduction, jealousy. And this detective was drawn. This makes two beautiful decorative objects with assertive aesthetics to effectively stall your comics in your library.

Beautiful, practical bookends made as part of a sustainable development.

With its manufacturer BPLAN, Shohan-design offers products manufactured in CEE in small quantities, according to demand to avoid unsold and waste.

Made of 1.5mm steel with a resistant paint, these bookends are solid and suitable for their use. In addition, they are more than 98% recyclable, including packaging.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Made in EEC
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
25 / 30 / 15cm max. for one
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