The pianist

For a jazz atmosphere in decorating your apartment, here is a large bookend perfect to stall your vinyl collection

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To efficiently secure your vinyl records on the shelves

In the jazz club imagined for Shohan-design, the group of musicians is growing. There was already the sultry singer, the gangly trumpeter and the sax with his cigarette. Here is now the pianist with the bowler hat and he does not mismatch. Deep in the music, he plays without worrying about the place and the audience. A glass of whiskey awaits him on his upright piano.

It was always with the desire to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of a New Orleans bar in the 1950s that Yvon Luneau drew this character. Like the others, he researched moods, pauses and attitudes to give him life and movement. Its objective: to project you onto one side of the stage. You are leaning on the bar and enjoying the moment.

Made of laser-cut metal, this bookcase accessory is strong and practical. It will effectively wedge your shelves of comics, books or vinyl records. It does not require any fixing. Just remember to choose the model you need: right or left.

You can pair him up with one of his colleagues or even take the whole group. This can be a good decoration idea or make a nice gift.

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Data sheet

Made in EEC
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
25 / 25 / 15cm
1kg max.

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