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Music lovers, here is the guitarist chorister of the quintet "The vintage decoration jazz band" to wedge your vinyls on your shelves.

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Jazz and blues lovers, discover this large metal bookend created in tribute to Rosetta Tharpe.

After the singer, the trumpeter, the saxophonist and the pianist, the designer of the brand wanted to design a bookend with a silhouette of a guitarist. After research, he discovered that several black American women had marked the history of jazz, blues and even the beginnings of rock 'n roll.

This is particularly the case of Rosetta Tharpe, a talented guitarist nicknamed the "Godmother of rock 'n' roll". Indeed, his innovative playing even influenced Elvis Presley!

From the age of 6, she accompanied her mother's troupe of evangelists on tour on guitar. Leaving for New York in the 1930s, she played with the greatest musicians, black or white, of her time: Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, etc. In the process, she recorded four titles including the aptly named "Rock me" which announces the explosion of Rock 'n' roll.

But being a woman, black, bisexual and anti-conformist in a macho and racist society does not help success and fame. Rosetta Tharpe is therefore one of the forgotten in history.

A jazz quintet to hold a collection of vinyl records.

Like the other four musicians, this guitarist immediately takes us into a jazz club atmosphere. Its expressive silhouette makes it a beautiful object for a vintage style decoration of your shelves. Made of laser-cut steel, this bookend is an effective hold for your fine books and records. It is also an original gift idea that you will not find elsewhere.

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Data sheet

Made in EEC
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
25 / 20 / 15cm
1kg max.

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