Shohan at Pooow in Italy2, Gaîté, Beaugrenelle, etc.

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In Paris, Shohan-design has been exhibiting some of its decorative objects at PoooWfor a few years now. I told you about it when they had a designer shop in the Montparnasse train station.

PoooW, the network of designer boutiques in the Paris region.

For almost 10 years, PoooW has been offering the products of a hundred designers in its stores in Ile-de-France. In these pop-up shops with a cosy and relaxed style, you will find a variety of objects ranging from the small fancy hair clip to the embroidered pearl insect under frame, including the terrarium and the bag made of Japanese fabrics.

For you, original creations are selected that are accessible to all in terms of aesthetics and cost. These are jewellery, fashion accessories, stationery and small decorative objects of quality, original, at very reasonable prices or even low prices and whose creators can also be the sellers.

So, if you're tired of mainstream products you've already seen, you're running out of gift ideas and you're on a budget, come to PoooW.

In Paris, in shopping malls of Italie 2, Beaugrenelle, Ateliers Gaîté, ...

After successfully being in the gare Montparnasse, PoooW is now right next door in the Ateliers Gaîté shopping mall. So, for an original last-minute gift before going on a weekend trip to the west, it's always possible!

PoooW is also in several shopping malls in the Paris region. In Paris, you can find these sales places in Beaugrenelle, Italie 2, rue Sedaine and very soon in Passy Plaza.

Each time, you will have the advantage of finding original creations at low prices. You will probably also meet a creator who will be able to advise you and discuss his work.

A designer object: an atypical and ethical purchase idea.

Sometimes, you can't get enough of seeing the same products from the same brands over and over again? Are you constantly being offered a standardised offer? Neither really pleasant, nor really ugly, without personality, without fantasy...

So, why not turn to creation? You will find a wide variety of products here. Styles, type of objects, techniques, materials, etc. You'll be spoilt for choice.

In addition, your purchase will support an artisan or a young French brand that manufactures in more eco-responsible and sustainable conditions.

And you have the advantage of being able to find that at PoooW.

My favorites at PoooW

Of course, at PoooW, I have my preferences. Creators whose work I find really interesting and different.

I've already told you about Malo de Paname's collages in a previous article, so I won't go over them again. So, here are a few more:

In decoration, Dame La Lune, A former architect turned "wire-tighter". She creates sentences or drawings in wire that she offers in frames, tubes or suspended. It's neat, poetic and pretty.

In fashion accessories, Le Point Levé, a designer who makes bags, for women and men, and very well finished eyeglass cases. They have the particularity of being made of imitation leather printed with patterns of old candy boxes, elastics, patches, etc. This gives them a really stylish vintage look.

In fashion accessories and decoration, une Pincée de Ciel, the UFO of Belle-Île-en-mer. This designer and designer makes shrimps (especially), lobsters, crabs and other sea creatures in all kinds of ways: in leather brooches, earrings, in drawings, under a bell, in tutu... It's really atypical and, as luck would have it, his work is very popular in Brittany.

In jewelry, HJ Bukk, The minimalism of Scandinavian design applied to wooden jewelry. I really like these sober and elegant jewels.

There are also Koeda notebooks, blackened brass jewellery from Astrance and Clémide, embroidered insects from Atelier Noboru, etc.

In short, you get it, in addition to finding a good part of my creations in PoooW stores, you will discover all kinds of creations to make a small pleasure purchase or a gift. We may even be able to meet there.

See you soon.

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