A favorite: the collages of Parisian artist Malo de Paname.

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Everyone tells me: Talk more about yourself, your creations, your brand, your news... Show yourself, put yourself forward, go more on social networks, etc. Ok, but hey, I'm going to tell you about an artist whose work I appreciate: Malo de Paname.

Malo de Paname is an artist from Saint-Denis who has long since fallen into the image. She recovers all kinds of prints for her work, newspaper pages, photographs or wallpaper. I like to imagine her as a syllogomaniac living in the middle of huge piles of old magazines, advertisements or old movie posters that she dissects, cuts or tears to compose her collages...

But in fact, I don't know much about her, except that she is friendly, discreet, while having a je ne sais quoi of Parisian titi. And above all, I really like his paintings especially his latest collection.

Parisian pop art, vintage, elegant with a note of melancholy.

Until now I was not a fan of collages. I found it too busy, with too much graphic and narrative information. With Malo de Paname, this is not the case: the collage is in sobriety, in homogenized heterogeneity. There is an emotion, an atmosphere, a story, a look, nothing more.

It is elegant because there is a harmony of shapes and colors, because there is just what it takes. It's vintage with a melancholic je ne sais quoi, by the images and atmospheres chosen.

His latest collection of collages is particularly successful. Without cliché or nostalgia, she takes us into her aestheticized vision of moments, moments of life, charms of the 50s and 60s. Of these, my favorites are Violette, Suzanne, Louis and Auto Retro (which would almost make me love motorsport!).

The choice of reproduction to make his art accessible to all.

Malo de Paname does not sell his collages. She sells the reproductions that she has made in limited series. His prints are neat and made on quality paper to the point that it does not harm the works. You can thus acquire for 65 € maximum a painting of 30 by 40 cm signed and numbered.

Vous pouvez les retrouver sur Etsy ou dans les boutiques PoooW des Ateliers Gaîté et Italie 2.

My special guest for the Rendez-vous de la BD de Malakoff, on September 30th.

In Malakoff, takes place on 30/09 the first Rendez-vous de la BD. With Shohan-design, I will exhibit my bookends and silhouettes inspired by comics and manga.

As I find that some of Malo's paintings are like comic book boxes, I will present some to you. And if you like her work, go and meet her in Saint-Denis! It's at the other end of the line; Metro line 13.

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