Pair of bookends Shonen 1

A young samurai and a masked high school girl join forces to hold your manga and decorate your shelves with style.

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More than a fad, manga has become one of the pillars of international pop culture, just like American comics. Abundant and diverse, this Japanese comic seduces a wide audience, especially in France. In decoration, figurines and other derivative products accompany this trend.

And who says manga, says book and therefore, says bookends to decorate a shelf and stall your favorite stories.

Shohan-design therefore had to offer book wedges inspired by this kind of literature. It wasn't too difficult: the brand's designer reads a lot of it and watches anime. After studying the aesthetic canons of the genre, he began to draw his own characters. Among the first is Kitsune, a masked high school student armed with a katana. To accompany him, it is a character of shonen as found in Naruto or Demon Slayer which was created.

You know nothing about manga, and you are looking for a gift idea for a fan? That's it!

When you are a layman, it is difficult to find the right series or volume to offer to a manga lover. Whether for a teenager or an adult reader, a pair of bookends can be a solution. In addition to being pretty, they will effectively calibrate the volumes. And their expressive silhouettes will perfectly illustrate the popular manga genre.

Solid and practical, these objects are made of laser-cut and bent steel. They are available in black, more suitable for well-lit rooms, or in white, for more contrast in a darker room. These products are original creations signed Shohan-design and are made in Portugal by our partner Bplan.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Fabriqué en France par SC2M à Méry sur Oise (95).
1.5mm steel and ROHS paint without heavy metals.
Height, width, depth
15 / 15 / 5cm max.
0,5kg max.

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