From 20 October to 13 November, clearance and workshop sale at Shohan-design.

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End of series, slightly damaged products and prototypes: find these Shohan-design products at low prices on the website, social networks or in the workshop.

It's autumn cleaning time in Shohan-design's small workshop in Malakoff. Between the stocks, the prototypes, the materials and the tools, I am a bit cramped and I have to make space before Christmas.

Favouring quality does not mean throwing away imperfect items.

Quality, sturdiness, and practicality, like creativity, are principles for me and I do what I can to respect them. I don't like to sell badly made or damaged products. But I don't like to throw them away either. So, I decided to offer them to you.

And although my products are 98% recyclable, this avoids wasting energy.

End of series, objects with defects or a little damaged, etc. at low prices.

Discover bookends, letter trays, silhouettes and magazine racks at bargain prices. In addition to discontinued items, you will also find items with defects that are only visible up close, such as:

  • - Small scratches or chips.
  • - Dust in the paintwork.
  • - Poorly distributed paint or drips.
  • - A shaky or badly programmed cut.

Depending on the defects, discounts of up to 60% will be offered.

Examples of dust in the paint and shaky cutting.

Examples of dust in the paint and shaky cutting.

On 5 and 6 November, a workshop sale in Malakoff.

Neighbours and Parisians, Shohan-design invites you to its workshop sale. You will find.

En plus de mes créations avec des défauts à prix bradé, vous y trouverez aussi :

  • - Rare prototypes.
  • - Antiques at exceptional prices.
  • - Discounts for fans (would I have liked to be a star?).
  • - And maybe some new products in preview.

It will also be an opportunity to meet and chat over a drink.

See you soon.

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