Finally an offer at professional prices for resellers.

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Resellers, with Bplan, Shohan-design finally offers you its decorative objects at professional prices.

Decoration stores, booksellers, record stores, museum shops, breweries, etc. discover an original offer of products at competitive prices for your customers.

Shohan-design has been creating laser-cut steel decorative objects in France since 2013. Creations that are characterized by a figurative, expressive, and contemporary style.

Bplan is a precision metalwork that has existed for 40 years in Portugal. With significant technological investments, the company specializes in layout, architecture, furniture, and decoration.

To offer you a relevant offer, we have logically decided to combine our skills.

Des serre-livres pour les libraires

Bookends for booksellers

Quality and creativity for your customers, competitiveness and responsiveness for your business.

Solid, practical and well-finished products that will not disappoint.

For the design of Shohan-design products, the "belt and suspenders" rule apply in priority. The practicality and solidity of the products is therefore perfectly thought out and tested. For manufacturing, Bplan uses steel with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm and thick and resistant oven paints.

Original and expressive objects that renew and do not go unnoticed.

Creating movement, telling a story with decorative objects is the leitmotif of Shohan-design. Whatever the chosen theme, the subjects that adorn his objects are expressive and almost alive. The finesse and precision of the laser cutting provided by Bplan accentuate the effect.

Pour les brasseurs

Bottle openers for brewers or wine merchants.

Limited edition creations, exclusively created for you, to stand out.

Do you want to offer a range of laser cut steel products especially for your customers? Shohan-design can offer you creations or support you in its design. Bplan can manufacture them in prototype as well as in large series.

Reactive manufacturing, in small or large series, to meet your needs.

Ordering products in Europe saves you import problems and sometimes very long delivery times. Bplan is a reactive metalwork located in Portugal. We are able to supply you fairly quickly according to your sales.

Pour les disquaires

Vinyl blocks for record stores

A very competitive price/creative quality ratio for products made in the EEC.

To serve its creativity and its demand for quality, Shohan-design has tested many French and European metalworkers. His choice fell on Bplan. A company which, rather than making small savings, especially on quality, has bet everything on performance to be competitive. With state-of-the-art machines and an optimized production chain, Bplan offers some of the cheapest prices in Europe for this type of product.

For the environment, with the choice of "bulk", let's save packaging.

Already our products do not come from the other side of the earth.

To avoid further waste, with Bplan, we have chosen “bulk” sales. Our products are offered in packs of 5 units in plastic film and well protected. Of course, you can request our products individually in boxes. But, as with the planet, this over-packaging comes at a cost.

So, if Shohan-design products seduce you, contact me.

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